Weird Things I Do When I’m Alone…

Now I wouldn’t call this “weird” but everyone has their own definition of what weird is so here I go:

–         I read Drama High Books.

–         I listen to my music and dance around my house….no shame at all.

–         I play Mario Karts on Wii and Dance Central 1&3 on Xbox 360.

–         Binge watch “scary” movies.

–         Binge watch shows on Netflix (Being Mary Jane, Scandal, Boondocks, Courage the Cowardly Dog etc.).

–         Play Cooking Dash and Covet Fashion on my iPad.

–         Sleep Zzzzzzz……

–         Procrastinate.

–         Think…Think and Think some more.

–         Watch Make-up Tutorials and Hauls on YouTube.

–         Clean and rearrange my room.

–         Bake, I love to bake and eat a lot.

Day 1 of my 31 day challenge complete.

Out With The Old And In With The New!

I was just sitting in my room and I was thinking to myself “I wish I could just get rid of everything and start again”. I know that I’m not the only one who wishes that they could just throw everything away, but then you look at your funds and realize that you can’t ball out to replace everything, even if you don’t replace everything just the important things, like clothes and furniture.

I really want to get rid of all my clothes because some of them, no lie, I’ve had them since 7th grade ,which is crazy. I would get some new stuff thought out my 7th to 12th grade years, but it like I took good care of my clothes and I’ve been the same height and somewhat the same size since then so they stayed fitting me.My parents, mostly my dad, would get me clothes that was a couple of sizes too big. My mom on the other hand would get me clothes I actually like and that could fit me comfortably. I kept them all and since I graduated I haven’t really gotten any new clothes.

I have a really big urge to just throw all my bedroom furniture away ,as well ,because my bed frame that I use to have, I got it for my 15th birthday and I had got it from Ikea. It was a beautiful frame ,but it didn’t have the wood board thing that hold up your mattress so I had to improvise and use my old box spring and 4 medium size plastic creates at the four corners of the inside part of the bed frame so the box spring wouldn’t break the metal rails, it was just a situation. Right now though my mattress plus box spring is located on my floor, minus my bed frame because the frame was doing the most so I just got rid of it. Now I’m dying to do a full-out “Pimp Up” my bedroom. What I did was to get me motivated to give my room this total makeover is I made a list on my amazon and put everything that I want to get for my room. I also been looking on Groupon and Wanelo, so now all I need is to save up the mula.

Things would be so much easier if I would just reach in the screen and grab what I need.

What’s In Ya Bag Gurl?

I didn’t realize what was in there till I looked, I’m ashamed lol

          Cherry Carmex


          Pink Nail Kit

          Tons of receipts (Need to clean it out)

          Nail file

          2 compact mirrors ( one green and one silver)

          Japanese Cherry Bloom perfume

          2 Revlon tweezers

          A ponytail

          Mango Butter & Acai Berry Lip gloss

           Ruby Kisses Lip gloss

          2 Neutrogena moisture shine lip smoother ( Glimmer 15 & Glow 70 )

          Strawberry hand gel


Day 14 of my 31 day blog challenge complete