The Last…. Person I Talked To…Book I Read…Movie I Saw…Song I Downloaded… Meal I Cooked…

Person I talked to… My mom.

Book I read : “Teenage Love Affair” By Ni-Ni Simone.

Movie I Saw… Noah. 

Song I Downloaded… “When I See You” Fantasia.

Meal I Cooked… Hot wings. 

Day 30 of my 31 day challenge complete.

I’m Not The Best….

I may not be the best

Writer, but I’m working on it.

Speaker, I’m shy, but I’ll still continue to get my point across.

Non-procrastinator, it’s a day by day process.

Speller, but seriously who is?

Drawer, stick figures are my thing.

Singer, my voice is beautiful to me.

Person that can remember everything because I have a lot on my mind.

Only someone who can truly accept their flaws will be able to see the big picture. Just because you’re not the best at something doesn’t make you a failure….it makes you human.