I’m Turning Twenty!

So I’m turning twenty on May 18, I don’t know how I feel about that. I’m kind of in denial because I will no longer be in the “teens” no more. Even though I legally became an adult when I was eighteen it just feel so real right now because I’m going to be twenty. I have one day left to be my nineteen year old self and I really just want to lay in bed, watch movies and sleep. I remember it like it was just yesterday when I turned sixteen, that when life just started going real fast for me and now I have been out of high school for almost two years, mostly all of my friend are getting married, having kids, going to college, switching their majors for the millionth time and some are dropping out because they realized that college just isn’t for them. Then there is me watching all this play out but I’m not mad because it’s my life and I can take my time when it comes to figuring out who I want to be , what I want to be and where I want to be just like everyone else. To be completely honest I am very happy to be starting this new chapter in my life and for real I never really feel any different when I turn a new age, I don’t feel it till I turn the next age and that why I am always in denial. Let’s go Twenties I’m ready for you.