I’m Not The Best….

I may not be the best

Writer, but I’m working on it.

Speaker, I’m shy, but I’ll still continue to get my point across.

Non-procrastinator, it’s a day by day process.

Speller, but seriously who is?

Drawer, stick figures are my thing.

Singer, my voice is beautiful to me.

Person that can remember everything because I have a lot on my mind.

Only someone who can truly accept their flaws will be able to see the big picture. Just because you’re not the best at something doesn’t make you a failure….it makes you human.

Overcoming Your Fears…

Let’s talk for a minute, everyone has something that they fear. It can be the smallest thing, but to them it so big. I don’t even want to say it a fear, but rather a something that you don’t want to happen though when it does happen you get a little uneasy. In these situations I tend to psych myself out which seems to be the only way that I can cope with handling what has to be done.

Today, for instance, I had to talk to a total stranger on the phone to get a service that I needed done (you know like when you need to make a doctor’s appointment, get something in your house fixed, call a cab, etc.). I know that everyone is a stranger until you  talk to them or get to know them. I also know some people you known for a very long time can become a stranger, that is a different story for another time. I’m not good with talking on the phone because I always go over what I want to say, but then once I get on the phone I forget everything that I wanted to say, I get nervous and I pause a lot. I did that yesterday and I did it today. The weird thing is that I’m really good with talking to people face to face, but over the phone has always been a problem for me. I’m just not a phone person. My mom said that I’m gonna have to get use to it and I’m sure that one day I will…just not today. I will however use my keeping cool tactics so that I can get it done. What I usually do is listen to my favorite song then after that I just go for it ,which I did and I never would’ve done it  if I hadn’t push myself to. Go me!

 Overcoming your fears can take time, but it’s not impossible. Just believe that you can do it and you will.