Dear Future Me

Where you, hopefully, going to be in 10 years….

Wow! First off let me say girrrllll you look good with your almost thirty self yass….. What!!!! go ahead with ya bad self lol. I see you doing good for yourself look at this beautiful Natural Hair Care place you better work girl, shoot I’m about to get my hair done here in a minute but first is those our kids over there (crying) omg they are so beautiful and they look just like us….

I know I’m overdramatic but I hope to see future me having her own business/es, still in the works of planning what those businesses are and the names. I want a studio for sure so that I can teach Zumba, all kinds of Zumba (kids, elderly…etc.). I want to own a beautiful and comfortable single family home (4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms big kitchen because I love to cook, big backyard with a cave pool type thing and a Ford Flex, I am obsessed with these cars). I also hope to be married or close to that point, I’m the type of person who wants to have herself together before I get serious with someone and I would hope the same for the other person. Kids would also be nice, but I don’t have them that would be fine to, whatever God has planned for me. Oh! I almost forgot I want to travel that’s actually something that I would do in between the career finding and “husband hunting” lol (I will make a blog post on my bucket list later).

I’ll start now so I can be proud later.

Day 20 of my 31 day challenge complete