Epic Rap Battle

Yesterday after I had gotten the little girl that I babysit of the bus (let’s name her “lady” because I don’t want to use her actual name and that is actually the nickname that I call her) off the bus, we came to my house and I made her a snack, she loves fruit loops so I got her that, and I asked her what she wanted to do and she said I want to watch “Monsters High: Boo York” ….again. There is a lot of singing and dancing in that movie and we was like trying to copy them since we done seen the movie before, mind you I have never been interested in watching “monster High” until I started watching her. In between the music scenes of the movie we started making rhymes and let me tell you we were terrible. We started making up words and when we thought that we was world’s greatest rappers,  we’d say things like Boom! Bam! To give you an example of ours rhymes Lady was like “I went to the store by the door on the floor….Bam!” and I said “I have a cat and a rat with a bat like Tom and Jerry…..bOOm! Then my little brother came downstairs and was like “You guys suck” and I said “Like you could do better” (which I knew he could because he actually can rap) ,but he didn’t do anything about it he just put his headphones back on and made him some noodles then went back to his room. The rap battle continued whoop whoop! Which just kept getting worst. I think I’ll stick to singing and I won’t be a rapper. I also thing that she should stick to drawing because we would both be broke trying to chase this dream.