Just a Normal Day

Personal rant….

When I had woke up on this lovely Monday morning, or should I say last Monday morning, I didn’t expect for it to go the way that it did but it did everyone and they momma way trying me this day.

I was outside watching Lady and one of her little “friends” with her little friend had come up and she had a box of fruit roll ups and they had given Lady and I one of them. When lady was done with hers she had asked for another one and they was like “No It’s only for us”. I’m thinking to myself why in the heck would you bring a big box of fruit roll ups in front of people if you know that they’re going to want some, like girl do you think?….. Or you thought you was just gonna be stingy, not very smart of you. So anyway after that they was just playing and riding their bikes being the bad little children that they are, then her momma came home thank the lord, my job was done and I couldn’t wait to get away from those kids.

Now I’m in the house mind you it hasn’t even been five minutes since I been off my babysitting duties that it was about to go down. I went upstairs to my room, took off my shoes then went into the bathroom and I was about to get in the shower y’all, but it was interrupted because I heard a noise. Me being me I walked over to my bedroom window and I saw her, Lady’s little “friends”, take her cars from her backyard without asking her, now let’s hold on for a second and get a back story on Lady real quick she is very shy and she don’t like saying no, well she says no to me and she don’t listen to me but when it comes to other people she don’t like saying no, she is sort of a push over, what happen next though totally surprised me. Back to what I was saying so they took the play cars out and they started riding in them, Lady, on the other hand, was on her way to her other best friend’s house so she was like “ I don’t want no one on my cars. Can you put them back?” (she just took my breath away I was so proud of her) and the one little girl, I’ll call her “Sassy”, she was like “I’m not your friend anymore” then she told the other little girl who came with her, I’ll call her “Follower” because that’s what she is, to come with her when she did that. I couldn’t believe what I had seen, Follower walked passed lady and hit her in her face. I was mad I could spit, I was livid. I ran back into the bathroom to grab my headband and ran back in my room to put my shoes on and I ran downstairs because I was going to put some little kids in they place right quick and in a respectable way with a mature tone. When I got outside mannnn I was out of breathe, I went over to Lady and she was with her other friends about to walk to their house and I asked her “Did she just hit you?” and of course she answered like she didn’t know what was going on. She said “I don’t know”. I just looked at her because its like girl you was standing right there and you was the one that was hit so is it a yes or a no? Her other little friends was like “Yes she did and they’re in the back”, that was all I need to know. I marched my butt to the backyard where they was playing on Lady’s playground (they didn’t ask to be on that either … like what is wrong with kids? Don’t you ask first?) and I said “I’m not here for the rudeness and since you said you not her friend no more then get off her stuff….thank you” and you know what those little girls had the nerves to do, they rolled they eyes at me like they serious better be glad I know my place because it was about to be a situation. I was about to cut some eyes out the sockets.

I say all this to say that I have notice that little kids are quick to throw the “I’m not your friend anymore” when they don’t get their way and they are also quick when they want to be your friend again. I try to tell Lady that you don’t need people like that because it good to know who is real from who is fake. I was also teaching her as well as those other kids that I am not the on honey, I am not the one. You got to teach them early because no one ever taught me about the fake friend, I had to learn the hard way and that was not fun but it made me the strong person I am today.

The Way You Make Me Feel….

Something that makes me feel better, always:

When I listen to to music I tend to feel like I’m in my own world and it doesn’t matter what happen a few minutes prior to me putting in my headphones because once the headphones goes on all my troubles just float away and I can think clearly. I start thinking about how I can improve myself and that whatever mad me angry or depressed that I can get over it because I have my mind on something else. Music has always set the mood for me. It always tells the story that I without me saying a word. I just listen and breathe.

Day 27 of my 31 day challenge complete.