Something I Can’t Seem To Get Over…

I can’t seem to get over the fact that it’s been two years since I been out of high school and now I’m an adult. Adulthood is  not what it seemed when I was a child. It looked cooler from that time. My childhood just ended really fast like if I could go back and freeze time I would just to be in the moment.

Day 21 of my 31 day challenge complete. 

I Miss You…..

What I miss the most

I miss being a kid and I know a lot of people say that, but I really miss it. I miss the innocence of it all. I could come home from school and go outside and play all day. I had friends and I didn’t have to worry about who was fake or not. It’s so weird that I’m going to be 20 in a month and some change and it just makes me want to just stop time and lay here and reflected on younger me. I remember when I was younger, I thought that being a adult was awesome because you had your own money and house and you could drive, but what they don’t tell you is that you have to go through hell and back to get what you want. Don’t grow up y’all its a trap. I’m just playing, well sort of. Adulthood is what you make it.

Day 21 of my 31 day challenge complete.

Favorite Childhood Book

Junie B. Jones by Barbara Park:

I loved the Junie B. Jones series. I haven’t read them in years and I know that Barbara Park ,the author, has came out with more books since I read the last one which was “Junie B. First Grader: Dumb Bunny”. What I remembered from the book is that she was a six year old and her middle name is Beatrice but she doesn’t like the name and that why it’s just B. I can’t remember if I have all the books up to the 27 book ,but I do remember how when I was in elementary school, 5th grade to be exact ,there was a book fair and I had begged my mom to get me the whole series since they had a box collection and she did and I read them all within the two weeks of getting them.

Day 17 of my 31 day challenge complete.

I Thought it was Love…

First celebrity crush:

I was ten years old when the song “Run It” by Chris Brown came out. I fell in love with him instantly. At ten my concept of love was if I fell in love with someone they wouldn’t feel the same way and we are talking about Chris freaking Brown, he didn’t even know that I existed but you couldn’t tell me nothing I was convinced that he loved me and we was going to get married. I planned how me and his life together, how many kids we was going to have and what our entire house would look like. When I say everything….. I meant everything.

It was so funny how in love I was with him back then, don’t get me wrong I still love me some Chris Brown. I know that it will never be like I thought it would be when I was ten. I would listen to every song he puts out, he actually is was and still is one of my favorite artist who I could listen to the whole album and love every song. I remember that I would buy all the teen magazines that had Chris in it and I would plaster his pictures all over my wall. If anyone ever said anything about my future husband I would go crazy (my elementary and middle school days was a trip). My best friend at was in love with Bow Wow and since they was friends we was like our men are friend and we are friends it perfect. Then of course a couple years later she fell in love with Justin Bieber, who worked on some songs with Chris and we would listen to them together and pretend they was singing to us.

I still love Chris Brown and I probably will always love him but it’s a different type of love. I was something else back then, so like obsessed, I’m embarrassed but seriously anyone who has had a celebrity crush is like that or worst. At that age if I was to see Chris Brown I would’ve jumped on him and never let go, probably would’ve taken millions of people to pull me off him. If I was to ever see him in public now I would be all cool and what not. Ha who am I kidding I would faint.  

Day 10 of my 31 day challenge complete.