What’s In Ya Bag Gurl?

I didn’t realize what was in there till I looked, I’m ashamed lol

          Cherry Carmex


          Pink Nail Kit

          Tons of receipts (Need to clean it out)

          Nail file

          2 compact mirrors ( one green and one silver)

          Japanese Cherry Bloom perfume

          2 Revlon tweezers

          A ponytail

          Mango Butter & Acai Berry Lip gloss

           Ruby Kisses Lip gloss

          2 Neutrogena moisture shine lip smoother ( Glimmer 15 & Glow 70 )

          Strawberry hand gel


Day 14 of my 31 day blog challenge complete


If That Ain’t the Truth

My favorite quote:

If you watch Game of Thrones there is a man named Tyrion Lannister and he once said “Once you accept your flaws they can’t be used against you”. This quote right here is so true because people have tried me time and time again. They would tell me what I lack, what I need to be doing and what I’m not doing. I have accepted my flaws but at the same time I don’t let people dictate my life, for a long time people would do that but the devil is a liar and it’s not going to happen no more that’s for sure. Everyone had flaws, you know stuff they lack and we all need to work on ourselves, but we don’t need people putting their two cents in stuff. It’s like you do you and I’m going to do me okay boo okay.

Day 13 of my 31 day challenge complete

Random Rant!!

Today is Tuesday which means that its trash day. I tell myself every week that I’m going ro gather up all those papers from like middle school and high school and throw them away but for some odd reason I’m always trying to convince myself that I will need it one day. The weirdest thing is that I usually forget about it and it just in a bin…in my closet….for months. Today I actually went and threw all the papers out and I have to say that I am very proud of myself. it was a very hard thing for me to do but I will live. The lesson that I’ve learned is this stop being a hoarder, its not cute. Don’t get it twisted though, I may have kept all those papers but they was very organized and everything was clean. I’m not that type of hoarder.

Day 8 of my 31 day challenge complete!

Oh That Personality!

Three personality traits that I am proud of:

  1. Good Listener- I’ve been told on may occasions that I am a very good listener. When anyone has a problem they always come to me. I listen to them and try to give the best advice I can , when needed, or just give them a ear when they want to be heard. Some people just want to know that someone is listening to them.
  2. Patience- I am a babysitter and it takes a lot of patience to handle a little kid. Sometimes kids make you want to beat them like they stole something, but I always have to remind myself that they are kids and that they don’t me to be annoying they just are. I also have to remember that I was her age once and I was annoying, maybe not as annoying, but annoying enough to drive my poor mom crazy. In my defense it was all love.
  3. Brave-Whether its killing spiders, which is something I have to do in my house since the people I live with are just…. something else man, to standing up for myself and others around me because sometimes people need to be knocked down a couple of feet.
There are more great traits but those three will due for now. Day 6 of my 31 day challenge complete.

Lip Gloss is Poppin!!!!!!

I remember when I was in 2nd grade, I was 7 years old. My momma got me this lip 24 pack of fruity lip gloss. I would gloss my lips all up and I couldn’t go a day without it. My favorite was the strawberry and the watermelon one. Coconut was my least favorite because it smelled terrible. Now being 19 I love me some coconut lip gloss. I use my school picture that has my lips all gloss-a-fied, it makes me smile because I had some big lips and them thing was shiny as I don’t know what. You probably could see me coming from a mile away. Thats my earliest childhood memory. Day 4 of my 31 day challenge complete.