Dig A Little Deeper Part 5

31. Do you address older people by their first or last name? By their last unless they tell me otherwise. 

32. If money was not a factor, how would you spend your life? I would travel. I don’t like being in the same place ( I moved around a lot when I was a kid) I wanna be adventurous. Passport would be full of places. Turn up!!!!

33. Do you prefer to swim in a pond or an ocean? Neither. 

34. What would you do if you found $50 on the ground? I’d put it in my rainy day fund ( what don’t look at me like you wouldn’t do the same). 

35. Have you even seen a shooting star? Did u make a wish? No I have not seen a shoot star, so I’ve never made a wish. 

36. What is one thing you would want to teach your children? Trust nobody … Nobody! I had to learn that the hard way. You gotta be for yourself.

37. If you had a tattoo, what would it be and where would you get it? I’d get a rose inside a heart. It would be the side of a kiwi and I’d get it on my lower back on my right hand side. 

38. What can you hear right now? Cars driving on the road ( I have my window open). 

39. Where do you feel the safest? My thoughts.

40. What is one thing you would like to overcome/ conquer? Thinking that I need to be doing what everyone tells me I should. I feel like a people pleaser and I’m just trying no to care what they think. 

41. If you could travel back to any era , which would you choose? The civilization of Egypt in 3000 BC. I love the Egyptian fashion. 

42.  What is your favorite season? Why? Spring because my birthday is in May , Whoop whoop! 

43. How would spend your ideal day? With a clear head. No decisions being made just absolute silence….no thoughts at all. 

44. Describe yourself in one word. Independent.

45. What do you regret the most? Nothing everything is a lesson. Take it or leave it. 

I am Done. Woohoo! This was fun. 

Dig A Little Deeper Part 4

23. Have you ever met someone famous? No… And I’m okay with it. 

24. Do you keep a diary or a journal? Yes 

25. Do you prefer to use a pen or pencil? Pen

26. Do you like reading? What is the last book you read? I love to read. I’d rather read than watch TV TBH. Last thing I read was ” Shortie like Mine” by Ni-Ni Simone.

27. How do you show someone you love them? I will do anything, within reason, to make them feel wanted, I put their need before mines. I give 100℅ , I listen and I’m protective. I care. 

28. Do you like ice in your drinks? Yes I do, but I like my drinks to be chilled without it.

29. What are you afraid of? If I told you , it wouldn’t be a secret. No I’m totally kidding. I’m afraid of any animal that could eat me lol but seriously who isn’t and if you say  you don’t , your a liar ( Kevin Hart Voice). 

30. What is your favorite scent? Japanese cherry blossom. 

To be continued…. Last part tomorrow.

Dig A Little Deeper Part 3

15. Who do you want to be closer to? I want to be closer to myself. I know that sounds werid but I feel like if you spend time getting to know yourself and having a relationship with yourself you’ll become a better you. I want to better myself in every way possible.

16. Do you miss someone at this moment? No not really.

17. Tell us about a early childhood memory. I don’t remember, if anything I try to forget about my childhood. 

18. What is the strangest thing you’ve ever eaten? Olives …. I don’t like them. They r so weird looking too. 

19. What can you see outside your bedroom window? Other houses and the road. 

20. What are you most thankful for? I am thankful for my growth as a person. I mature with every experience I have. 

21. Do you like spicy food? I LOVE spicy food!

22. Do you like your cereal soggy or crunchy? I like it in the middle of both actually. 

To be continued…….

Dig A Little Deeper Part 2

7. If you could be any mythical creature, what would you be? I think I would be a fire breathing Dragon. I’d want to be a red and black dragon. 

8. Do you prefer reading paper or electronic books? I love paper books. It’s something about holding a book in your hand and the smell of them. I’m nerdy and I’m proud so… Yeah. 

9. What is your favorite item of clothing? My cute long sleeve Aeropostale shirt. It’s navy blue with white letters and turquoise outline.

10. Do you like your name? Would you change it? I love my name because I’ve never met another person with my name, it’s unique. I wouldn’t change it. 

11. Who is a mentor for you? No one. 

12.Would you want to be famous? If so what for ? I’m a introvert so I like to keep to myself. I wouldn’t wanna be famous. Famous people be to much , I just can’t. 

13. Are you a restless sleeper? If I have stuff on my mind , which is like 99% of the time, I am a restless sleeper. If I do fall asleep my dreams or whatever is of what’s on my mind which wakes me up and o just stay up on my phone. 

14. Do you consider yourself a romantic? I am. It’s sad because we all know that what u see on TV is not what you get in real life. Sadly. You learn the hard way. 

To be continued…..

Dig A Little Deeper Part 1

  1. Do you prefer writing with black or blue pen?

I love writing in blue pen when I’m just writing random stuff but if I’m trying to be serious I write in black pen.

  1. Would you prefer to live in the country or the city?

I’m a city girl and will always be a city girl.

  1. If you could learn a new skill, what would it be?

                  I would love to learn how to play the piano.

  1. Do you drink your tea or coffee with sugar?

               I don’t drink coffee but I do drink tea with sugar… Yas.

  1. What was your favorite book as a child?

               I love Junie B. Jones books.

  1. Do you prefer baths or showers?

               I love nice, hot, long baths.

To be continued….

I’m Obsessed……

I was on the app Weheartit two weeks ago and I saw memes about the show “Scandal” so I decided to check it out since all five season are on Netflix. I started to watch little by little and y’all I’m so hooked on this show, I have one more season to go before I’m all caught up with everybody else who watches Scandal. It’s a mixture of love or what you think is love, power, betrayal and friendship. My emotions are all over the place when I watch this show. I seriously cannot watch one episode without having to watch another one. I know I’m a little late but hey I’m very picky when it comes to shows. I didn’t think that I would like this show that’s why I didn’t watch it when it first came out but I’m glad Netflix had it.

My Unapologetic Moment…

Yesterday I spent the day cleaning, cooking and doing my hair. I did something that I wouldn’t normally do. What I did was since it was a beautiful day out, instead of having the air on I opened my window and I went back and forth from my Spotify and Google Play Music and I was jamming with my window open without a care in the word. I didn’t care if my neighbors could hear my music I was just enjoying myself because I’m always so careful and I think too much about what people that , but yesterday I didn’t give two pieces if fried chicken. If I have to put up with the craziness that comes with my neighbors, they can listen to my not so loud but loud enough to get my Wednesday afternoon jam on (hair flip).

Just Because…

Hello There…

I am trying to get some work done.

I keep a stash of emergency chocolate in my freezer.

I wish I could speak my mind without hurting the feelings of others.

I love lazy days.

I dance all over my house when nobody is home.

I sing loud and proud.

I think that this month (June) is going to be my month!

I really need to stop procrastinating.

I need people to listen to me the first time.

I should relax more.

I can do it!

I like looking at YouTube and Netflix.

I make the most of everyday.

 I always find a way.

I’m Not The Best….

I may not be the best

Writer, but I’m working on it.

Speaker, I’m shy, but I’ll still continue to get my point across.

Non-procrastinator, it’s a day by day process.

Speller, but seriously who is?

Drawer, stick figures are my thing.

Singer, my voice is beautiful to me.

Person that can remember everything because I have a lot on my mind.

Only someone who can truly accept their flaws will be able to see the big picture. Just because you’re not the best at something doesn’t make you a failure….it makes you human.

I’m Turning Twenty!

So I’m turning twenty on May 18, I don’t know how I feel about that. I’m kind of in denial because I will no longer be in the “teens” no more. Even though I legally became an adult when I was eighteen it just feel so real right now because I’m going to be twenty. I have one day left to be my nineteen year old self and I really just want to lay in bed, watch movies and sleep. I remember it like it was just yesterday when I turned sixteen, that when life just started going real fast for me and now I have been out of high school for almost two years, mostly all of my friend are getting married, having kids, going to college, switching their majors for the millionth time and some are dropping out because they realized that college just isn’t for them. Then there is me watching all this play out but I’m not mad because it’s my life and I can take my time when it comes to figuring out who I want to be , what I want to be and where I want to be just like everyone else. To be completely honest I am very happy to be starting this new chapter in my life and for real I never really feel any different when I turn a new age, I don’t feel it till I turn the next age and that why I am always in denial. Let’s go Twenties I’m ready for you.