Those Little Fakers

Okay so I think everyone know someone who hates/hated school and if you don’t know then odds are you are that person that hates/hated school. I just so happen to have had the pleasure of babysitting a little lady that just down right hates school. I not sure why she hates school, I mean she just started her first year of school and it the easiest because all they are doing is learning their letters and basic math. They also get to color, play outside and they have no homework. That to me is heaven. I mean it is Kindergarten after all.

When I was in Elementary School it was the time of my life. Now I did move a couple times. I spent Kindergarten with my mom and then first grade with my dad in Virginia then I moved back with my mom and spent 2nd, 3rd in Annapolis, Maryland and then we moved again and I spend 4th grade in Parkville, Maryland then we moved to Middle River, Maryland and I spent my 5th grade year their and 2 years of middle school. I made so many friends in all those places and even though I was very shy. I can actually say that Lady, the girl I babysit is the same exact way. Lady is very shy and she doesn’t want to learn, she hates it. You ask her what is it that she likes to do in school and she says “nothing”.

The first week of school for Lady she would tell me every single day before me and her would leave for the bus stop that she don’t like school and I would ask her why? And she would say that its boring and it nothing like the daycare she used to be at and I told her that she just need to get used to the idea of going to a new place and to find something that she likes about it like a subject, playtime, lunch, friends or something.

There was this one time I remember that she was “sick”, you know how people are when they are “sick” they pretend to be dying to get out of something. Lady was really good at fooling people into thinking she was “sick”. I was one of those fools, but fool me once shame on you and you will never fool me again I’ll tell you that. When I had got to her house, on the first and last day that I was fooled by this child, her mother had asked me was it alright it I was to stay home with her because she is not well enough to go to school and I was like “sure…of course, I got this I’ll make sure she gets her medicine and she can sleep it off and eat and get better”. Her mom kissed her and said her goodbyes and she told Lady that she is to stay on the couch or her bed and rest, that is not allowed to be playing and stuff since she was sick, then she was off to work. Literally not five minutes after her mother had left she was up and jumping around and I’m like this child has lost her mind, I thought she was sick what the heck this is?!?! I was like “Lady you are supposed to be resting because you sick” she didn’t want to listen to me. She wanted to cook whatever the people on the cooking show that we was watching. Mind you I thought that her and I could just relax and maybe sleep and eat. I had to keep reminding her that she was not supposed to be treating this “sick” day as the weekend, which means no fun allowed. This went on for ten and a half hours. I was mentally, physical and emotionally drained from all that I had to do to keep the girl, who didn’t have to have sugar to be hyper, to settle and relax her, not really, sick body. I got home that night, took a shower and went to bed. Looking back on that day I was happy as I don’t know what because it was a Friday and I didn’t have to babysit till Monday. 

There is No Such Thing as a Stupid Question…..

I used to think that any question could be answered no matter how “stupid” it may have sound, but I was so wrong about that. The reason I was wrong because I’ve been pretty good at answering question that have been thrown my way. You just have to meet the right person that just makes you think “what a stupid question”.

I had just gotten home from getting Lady from the bus stop and she was eating her afternoon snack. She was so particular about certain things so if there was any trash she would throw it away first and then proceed to eating. When she had gathered her trash I was getting the movie ready to watch and as she was walking about from throwing her trash away she was like “Shi Shi (pronounced as shy) why do you have a toaster in your kitchen?” and I answered “why not, where else would a toaster be?” she answered with her famous line of “I don’t know”. I had to think to myself for a moment because that question made me curious to what is going on in that brain of hers. Where else would a toaster go and I’m pretty sure she has one in her house too. The only time I would think you would have I toaster anywhere else is if you lived in like a small apartment or dorm and it was literally one room. Maybe she was just having a moment where she just couldn’t think of anything to say and she saw the toaster and went for it.  

Things Aren’t Always As They Seem…

Have you ever had the feeling that you was being taking advantage of? I feel like that all the time, especially this last year. It’s really wrong to take someone kindness and completely push them over. I’ve been babysitting for a while now and at first it was great. The little girl that I watch she was so sweet, shy and respectful now she has totally changed. It’s like she comfortable now (there is nothing wrong with getting comfortable, but you still need to know who is the babysitter and who is the baby that is being sat) so she doesn’t listen to me and she throws these fits out of nowhere, like seriously these fits are so bad to the point where you just want to give her what she wants just so she would shut up. Something happen to me today with this little girl, after she got finished her breakfast, it was time for her to get her clothes on. She didn’t want to put her tights with her skirt that has no short under it, mind you it was cold outside. She kept whining and being annoying so I was like “You know what just put on whatever you want I really don’t care, but don’t complain to me when you get cold since I told you to put on your clothes” ,so she did and we got outside and she was cold , well look who was right as always ….Me!

I’m seriously over this job and I can’t wait till it over so I can get on with my life. To be a babysitter you have to be flexible and ready to drop everything your doing just to watch the child (some days I’m a part time babysitter and the other days I’m full time which is sometime overwhelming because at first I was part time since I was only doing this for a couple hours a day, but on the days that she got sick…“sick” I was full time even if I had something to do that day I had to cancel many thing because it was just out of the blue). This is the last time I will be babysitting. I’m proud of myself though because there was days I just wanted to say nope I’m not going, but I stuck it out. I wanted to do, so the little girl that I babysit was going to be a trial run to see how I do, but if it anything like this hell no…nope…can’t do it… No sir. Don’t get me wrong I love kids and if I was to ever babysit again it would be my nieces or nephews or my grandchildren, but other people kids it’s just not for me I tried it and I’m not a fan.

The best feeling I had was last night when I looked on the calendar last night and I have 3 weeks left to babysit her ,unless they change the last date of school…again, plus I have my whole birthday week off Yaya Me!

Just a Normal Day

Personal rant….

When I had woke up on this lovely Monday morning, or should I say last Monday morning, I didn’t expect for it to go the way that it did but it did everyone and they momma way trying me this day.

I was outside watching Lady and one of her little “friends” with her little friend had come up and she had a box of fruit roll ups and they had given Lady and I one of them. When lady was done with hers she had asked for another one and they was like “No It’s only for us”. I’m thinking to myself why in the heck would you bring a big box of fruit roll ups in front of people if you know that they’re going to want some, like girl do you think?….. Or you thought you was just gonna be stingy, not very smart of you. So anyway after that they was just playing and riding their bikes being the bad little children that they are, then her momma came home thank the lord, my job was done and I couldn’t wait to get away from those kids.

Now I’m in the house mind you it hasn’t even been five minutes since I been off my babysitting duties that it was about to go down. I went upstairs to my room, took off my shoes then went into the bathroom and I was about to get in the shower y’all, but it was interrupted because I heard a noise. Me being me I walked over to my bedroom window and I saw her, Lady’s little “friends”, take her cars from her backyard without asking her, now let’s hold on for a second and get a back story on Lady real quick she is very shy and she don’t like saying no, well she says no to me and she don’t listen to me but when it comes to other people she don’t like saying no, she is sort of a push over, what happen next though totally surprised me. Back to what I was saying so they took the play cars out and they started riding in them, Lady, on the other hand, was on her way to her other best friend’s house so she was like “ I don’t want no one on my cars. Can you put them back?” (she just took my breath away I was so proud of her) and the one little girl, I’ll call her “Sassy”, she was like “I’m not your friend anymore” then she told the other little girl who came with her, I’ll call her “Follower” because that’s what she is, to come with her when she did that. I couldn’t believe what I had seen, Follower walked passed lady and hit her in her face. I was mad I could spit, I was livid. I ran back into the bathroom to grab my headband and ran back in my room to put my shoes on and I ran downstairs because I was going to put some little kids in they place right quick and in a respectable way with a mature tone. When I got outside mannnn I was out of breathe, I went over to Lady and she was with her other friends about to walk to their house and I asked her “Did she just hit you?” and of course she answered like she didn’t know what was going on. She said “I don’t know”. I just looked at her because its like girl you was standing right there and you was the one that was hit so is it a yes or a no? Her other little friends was like “Yes she did and they’re in the back”, that was all I need to know. I marched my butt to the backyard where they was playing on Lady’s playground (they didn’t ask to be on that either … like what is wrong with kids? Don’t you ask first?) and I said “I’m not here for the rudeness and since you said you not her friend no more then get off her stuff….thank you” and you know what those little girls had the nerves to do, they rolled they eyes at me like they serious better be glad I know my place because it was about to be a situation. I was about to cut some eyes out the sockets.

I say all this to say that I have notice that little kids are quick to throw the “I’m not your friend anymore” when they don’t get their way and they are also quick when they want to be your friend again. I try to tell Lady that you don’t need people like that because it good to know who is real from who is fake. I was also teaching her as well as those other kids that I am not the on honey, I am not the one. You got to teach them early because no one ever taught me about the fake friend, I had to learn the hard way and that was not fun but it made me the strong person I am today.

Well That’s Not Weird At All…

I really don’t understand kids sometimes and wonder if I used to do the same when I was younger, but then again if I did I would remember …right? I have a good memory….sort of.

It was a regular day and I had just got finish getting “Lady” (nickname for the little girl I babysit) dressed and usually after I get her dressed I ask her what she want to today for a snack which is always the same thing, fruit loops, but not today she wanted eggs. Now, when she said she wanted eggs she told me that her mom knows how to make eggs, its like she was saying that only her mom knows how to make eggs, scrambled eggs, but little did she know that scrambled eggs are the easiest to make. So I told her that I knew how to make eggs and she kept going on about her mom that I just let her talk and let my work show for itself. Fast forward to after school, I made her some cheesy scrambled eggs because that’s what she wanted and she loved them, point for Shienna y’all. After she ate ,she put her dishes near the sink because she couldn’t reach inside the sink, then it happened she came back and sat in her designated chair for like five minutes then she got up and smelt it. I looked at her smelling the chair and I asked “what are you doing?” and for real I wasn’t ready for what she was about to tell me because this child is always doing the craziest things but she said “smelling my poots”. I didn’t know how to reply to what she just said so I was like “umm…why?” and she was like “I wanted to know what it smelt like”, lawwwwd why me. I literally just looked at her and went back to looking at the movie while she laughed at me because I made the most confused face ever. This is my life man… I just can’t.    

Epic Rap Battle

Yesterday after I had gotten the little girl that I babysit of the bus (let’s name her “lady” because I don’t want to use her actual name and that is actually the nickname that I call her) off the bus, we came to my house and I made her a snack, she loves fruit loops so I got her that, and I asked her what she wanted to do and she said I want to watch “Monsters High: Boo York” ….again. There is a lot of singing and dancing in that movie and we was like trying to copy them since we done seen the movie before, mind you I have never been interested in watching “monster High” until I started watching her. In between the music scenes of the movie we started making rhymes and let me tell you we were terrible. We started making up words and when we thought that we was world’s greatest rappers,  we’d say things like Boom! Bam! To give you an example of ours rhymes Lady was like “I went to the store by the door on the floor….Bam!” and I said “I have a cat and a rat with a bat like Tom and Jerry…..bOOm! Then my little brother came downstairs and was like “You guys suck” and I said “Like you could do better” (which I knew he could because he actually can rap) ,but he didn’t do anything about it he just put his headphones back on and made him some noodles then went back to his room. The rap battle continued whoop whoop! Which just kept getting worst. I think I’ll stick to singing and I won’t be a rapper. I also thing that she should stick to drawing because we would both be broke trying to chase this dream.

That Last Minute Call…

I woke up this morning at 5:30 a.m., which is pretty early for me especially when I don’t have to be up till 7:00 a.m. I picked out my outfit, got dressed, brushed my teeth and sat on my couch waiting for 7:15. To pass the time I was read a book (“True Story” by Ni-Ni Simone). Tell me why at 7:04 I got a text from the mother of the little girl that I babysit, yes I am a babysitter, saying that she was sick and I didn’t have to come over because she was going to take off work to stay with her. At first when I got the message I was mad, not because I didn’t have to babysit that part was alright with me, but it was because I had already gotten dress and made my way downstairs, a lot of freaking stairs may I add. I wish that I would’ve gotten that message before I woke up this morning. I seriously could’ve just stayed in my pajamas. I just think of it like this better late then never right??? It would’ve sucked if I would went to her house just to get sent back home. I was as happy as a kid in the candy store. Noooooo babysitting for me today!!!!! It was amazing not having a kid annoy me today. I got a chance to relax and catch up on watching my favorite YouTubers.