What I Really Don’t Get…

I was thinking the other day about the things that people say. When did it become okay for people to judge someone because of the situation? What makes you better than them? Could you survive if you was put in their situation? Do you even know the full story of their situations? All these unanswered questions really urk my nerves. What really kills me is when they do answer and they say “Well if they would’ve did this and that then they wouldn’t be in the predicament”, well how do you know that for sure, your so called plan can backfire don’t you know. In my unpopular opinion, I think that you should A. Mind your own business…unless and only if they asked you and B. Make sure your situation is golden because you never know your oh so “perfect” life can change and go downhill with a blink of an eye so worry about yours.

I say all this to say if everyone did the same thing life would be really boring. If someone isn’t doing what society thinks they should be doing and they are going outside of society’s comfort box thus being their own person and finding their way it means that they are going on a life changing experience and you should really change your way of thinking and live a little.


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