I’m Obsessed……

I was on the app Weheartit two weeks ago and I saw memes about the show “Scandal” so I decided to check it out since all five season are on Netflix. I started to watch little by little and y’all I’m so hooked on this show, I have one more season to go before I’m all caught up with everybody else who watches Scandal. It’s a mixture of love or what you think is love, power, betrayal and friendship. My emotions are all over the place when I watch this show. I seriously cannot watch one episode without having to watch another one. I know I’m a little late but hey I’m very picky when it comes to shows. I didn’t think that I would like this show that’s why I didn’t watch it when it first came out but I’m glad Netflix had it.

Those Little Fakers

Okay so I think everyone know someone who hates/hated school and if you don’t know then odds are you are that person that hates/hated school. I just so happen to have had the pleasure of babysitting a little lady that just down right hates school. I not sure why she hates school, I mean she just started her first year of school and it the easiest because all they are doing is learning their letters and basic math. They also get to color, play outside and they have no homework. That to me is heaven. I mean it is Kindergarten after all.

When I was in Elementary School it was the time of my life. Now I did move a couple times. I spent Kindergarten with my mom and then first grade with my dad in Virginia then I moved back with my mom and spent 2nd, 3rd in Annapolis, Maryland and then we moved again and I spend 4th grade in Parkville, Maryland then we moved to Middle River, Maryland and I spent my 5th grade year their and 2 years of middle school. I made so many friends in all those places and even though I was very shy. I can actually say that Lady, the girl I babysit is the same exact way. Lady is very shy and she doesn’t want to learn, she hates it. You ask her what is it that she likes to do in school and she says “nothing”.

The first week of school for Lady she would tell me every single day before me and her would leave for the bus stop that she don’t like school and I would ask her why? And she would say that its boring and it nothing like the daycare she used to be at and I told her that she just need to get used to the idea of going to a new place and to find something that she likes about it like a subject, playtime, lunch, friends or something.

There was this one time I remember that she was “sick”, you know how people are when they are “sick” they pretend to be dying to get out of something. Lady was really good at fooling people into thinking she was “sick”. I was one of those fools, but fool me once shame on you and you will never fool me again I’ll tell you that. When I had got to her house, on the first and last day that I was fooled by this child, her mother had asked me was it alright it I was to stay home with her because she is not well enough to go to school and I was like “sure…of course, I got this I’ll make sure she gets her medicine and she can sleep it off and eat and get better”. Her mom kissed her and said her goodbyes and she told Lady that she is to stay on the couch or her bed and rest, that is not allowed to be playing and stuff since she was sick, then she was off to work. Literally not five minutes after her mother had left she was up and jumping around and I’m like this child has lost her mind, I thought she was sick what the heck this is?!?! I was like “Lady you are supposed to be resting because you sick” she didn’t want to listen to me. She wanted to cook whatever the people on the cooking show that we was watching. Mind you I thought that her and I could just relax and maybe sleep and eat. I had to keep reminding her that she was not supposed to be treating this “sick” day as the weekend, which means no fun allowed. This went on for ten and a half hours. I was mentally, physical and emotionally drained from all that I had to do to keep the girl, who didn’t have to have sugar to be hyper, to settle and relax her, not really, sick body. I got home that night, took a shower and went to bed. Looking back on that day I was happy as I don’t know what because it was a Friday and I didn’t have to babysit till Monday. 

There is No Such Thing as a Stupid Question…..

I used to think that any question could be answered no matter how “stupid” it may have sound, but I was so wrong about that. The reason I was wrong because I’ve been pretty good at answering question that have been thrown my way. You just have to meet the right person that just makes you think “what a stupid question”.

I had just gotten home from getting Lady from the bus stop and she was eating her afternoon snack. She was so particular about certain things so if there was any trash she would throw it away first and then proceed to eating. When she had gathered her trash I was getting the movie ready to watch and as she was walking about from throwing her trash away she was like “Shi Shi (pronounced as shy) why do you have a toaster in your kitchen?” and I answered “why not, where else would a toaster be?” she answered with her famous line of “I don’t know”. I had to think to myself for a moment because that question made me curious to what is going on in that brain of hers. Where else would a toaster go and I’m pretty sure she has one in her house too. The only time I would think you would have I toaster anywhere else is if you lived in like a small apartment or dorm and it was literally one room. Maybe she was just having a moment where she just couldn’t think of anything to say and she saw the toaster and went for it.  

My Unapologetic Moment…

Yesterday I spent the day cleaning, cooking and doing my hair. I did something that I wouldn’t normally do. What I did was since it was a beautiful day out, instead of having the air on I opened my window and I went back and forth from my Spotify and Google Play Music and I was jamming with my window open without a care in the word. I didn’t care if my neighbors could hear my music I was just enjoying myself because I’m always so careful and I think too much about what people that , but yesterday I didn’t give two pieces if fried chicken. If I have to put up with the craziness that comes with my neighbors, they can listen to my not so loud but loud enough to get my Wednesday afternoon jam on (hair flip).

What I Really Don’t Get…

I was thinking the other day about the things that people say. When did it become okay for people to judge someone because of the situation? What makes you better than them? Could you survive if you was put in their situation? Do you even know the full story of their situations? All these unanswered questions really urk my nerves. What really kills me is when they do answer and they say “Well if they would’ve did this and that then they wouldn’t be in the predicament”, well how do you know that for sure, your so called plan can backfire don’t you know. In my unpopular opinion, I think that you should A. Mind your own business…unless and only if they asked you and B. Make sure your situation is golden because you never know your oh so “perfect” life can change and go downhill with a blink of an eye so worry about yours.

I say all this to say if everyone did the same thing life would be really boring. If someone isn’t doing what society thinks they should be doing and they are going outside of society’s comfort box thus being their own person and finding their way it means that they are going on a life changing experience and you should really change your way of thinking and live a little.

Just Because…

Hello There…

I am trying to get some work done.

I keep a stash of emergency chocolate in my freezer.

I wish I could speak my mind without hurting the feelings of others.

I love lazy days.

I dance all over my house when nobody is home.

I sing loud and proud.

I think that this month (June) is going to be my month!

I really need to stop procrastinating.

I need people to listen to me the first time.

I should relax more.

I can do it!

I like looking at YouTube and Netflix.

I make the most of everyday.

 I always find a way.