What Am I Afraid Of?

What Am I Afraid Of?

I had to think really hard about this. What came to mind was that I’m deathly afraid of germs. I am a babysitter and kids are just gross, maybe not all them but majority of them are. I don’t like when I kids go to the bathroom and pee but don’t wash they hands and when you tell them to wash them they say “I don’t like to wash my hands” blaahhh. Then kids want to touch you with their yucky hands its just disgusting and like I said it’s not all kids but its majority of them. The worst thing of all is that adults are like this too. I just don’t like people touching me.  

Day 18 of my 31 day challenge complete.


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Age: 19 Birthday : May 18 ,1996 Interest: Singing, Dancing, Writing, Sleeping Favorite Food: Mac N Cheese Favorite Color: Red, Black, White and Gray Favorite Movie: Love & Basketball Favorite Book/s: Drama High Series By L. Divine Favorite Song (Right Now): Little More By Chris Brown Favorite Blog/s: Dream Career: Zumba Instructor , Natural Hair Stylist , Nail Tech Can I Cook?: Of Course I love food. Siblings: Yes. I have 7. Favorite TV Show: Jane The Virgin

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