Dream Job


My dream job is literally to get paid to sleep. I would love to not have to get out of bed and get that mula hunny (record scratch) I am just kidding…well I kind of kidding. I have a couple of dream jobs. My first one is a Zumba instructor. I love me some Zumba and I think it would really cool to be a Zumba instructor. If you ever did Zumba it’s like a fun way to exercise and if you ask me it very easy to learn to do, way better then a gym. I could do Zumba all day, every day.  My second dream job is to be a natural hair beautician. I recently went natural and I’ve been on YouTube looking at all the natural hair people on their so that I could learn what to do with my hair. I found out that I am really good at doing a lot of the styles and I really want to learn more and help other people that want to go natural and don’t know where to start or the ones that are natural but can’t do they hair like they want. My third dream job is to do nails, nail tech in the house!!!! No but for real I would love to learn how to do nails its real fascinating to me, but the only problem is I’m not sure I’ll be able to draw the designs. I don’t think that drawing …well is a talent that God gave to me, I’m going to keep trying though.  

Day 16 of my 31 day challenge complete 


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Age: 19 Birthday : May 18 ,1996 Interest: Singing, Dancing, Writing, Sleeping Favorite Food: Mac N Cheese Favorite Color: Red, Black, White and Gray Favorite Movie: Love & Basketball Favorite Book/s: Drama High Series By L. Divine Favorite Song (Right Now): Little More By Chris Brown Favorite Blog/s: Dream Career: Zumba Instructor , Natural Hair Stylist , Nail Tech Can I Cook?: Of Course I love food. Siblings: Yes. I have 7. Favorite TV Show: Jane The Virgin

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