We all Eating Good Tonight

if I won the Lottery:

I wouldn’t be like some of the people, you know going to clubs and buying the whole party drinks or buy some big house with like 25 bedrooms and a private jet and 15 cars. No way I ain’t that crazy. What I would do is I’d buy my family (my mom and my two brother and of course I’m included) a house that is a comfortable size and it has to have at least 4 bedrooms so me my mom can have her own room and me and my two brother can get our own rooms, it would be nice to have like 4 full bathrooms too. I would also buy my mom, two brothers and I our own cars, nothing real fancy but they would still be nice cars. The rest of the money I would save and if we ever need the mula we would use it on bills and other important things. 

Day 12 of my 31 day challenge complete


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Age: 19 Birthday : May 18 ,1996 Interest: Singing, Dancing, Writing, Sleeping Favorite Food: Mac N Cheese Favorite Color: Red, Black, White and Gray Favorite Movie: Love & Basketball Favorite Book/s: Drama High Series By L. Divine Favorite Song (Right Now): Little More By Chris Brown Favorite Blog/s: Dream Career: Zumba Instructor , Natural Hair Stylist , Nail Tech Can I Cook?: Of Course I love food. Siblings: Yes. I have 7. Favorite TV Show: Jane The Virgin

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