Oh That Personality!

Three personality traits that I am proud of:

  1. Good Listener- I’ve been told on may occasions that I am a very good listener. When anyone has a problem they always come to me. I listen to them and try to give the best advice I can , when needed, or just give them a ear when they want to be heard. Some people just want to know that someone is listening to them.
  2. Patience- I am a babysitter and it takes a lot of patience to handle a little kid. Sometimes kids make you want to beat them like they stole something, but I always have to remind myself that they are kids and that they don’t me to be annoying they just are. I also have to remember that I was her age once and I was annoying, maybe not as annoying, but annoying enough to drive my poor mom crazy. In my defense it was all love.
  3. Brave-Whether its killing spiders, which is something I have to do in my house since the people I live with are just…. something else man, to standing up for myself and others around me because sometimes people need to be knocked down a couple of feet.
There are more great traits but those three will due for now. Day 6 of my 31 day challenge complete.

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Age: 19 Birthday : May 18 ,1996 Interest: Singing, Dancing, Writing, Sleeping Favorite Food: Mac N Cheese Favorite Color: Red, Black, White and Gray Favorite Movie: Love & Basketball Favorite Book/s: Drama High Series By L. Divine Favorite Song (Right Now): Little More By Chris Brown Favorite Blog/s: Dream Career: Zumba Instructor , Natural Hair Stylist , Nail Tech Can I Cook?: Of Course I love food. Siblings: Yes. I have 7. Favorite TV Show: Jane The Virgin

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